La Promenade Masterplan Bags Landscape Award

The La Promenade masterplan won a merit prize at this year’s Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards held in April.

Hock Seng Lee (HSL) won in the masterplanning category at the awards ceremony, which is endorsed by the International Federation of Landscape Architects.

The shopping mall is located at the frontage of the 200-acre La Promenade, and serves as the commercial focal point.

Extensive landscaping works will be incorporated into the mall’s surrounding, which is part of HSL Tower, due for completion by mid 2019.

Judges were impressed with HSL’s early landscape implementation at priority areas, even distribution of its parks, streetscape consistency and pedestrian amenities.

HSL was praised for allocating 15% of development land to usable green and open spaces — instead of only 10% as required under state planning guidelines.

HSL director Tony Yu was overjoyed with the award, saying it was a validation of the firm’s commitment to green spaces for La Promenade right from the planning stage.

“In some project planning, green spaces can become secondary. But for La Promenade, we made landscaping a core component from the first meeting. A landscaper worked side-by-side with the masterplanner and house architects,” Yu said.

“In order to achieve the results that we can see today, HSL had to beef up its landscaping unit. We committed ourselves to the same level of record-keeping for landscapes as we have given to building construction. It’s been an interesting learning curve that has paid off.”

To demonstrate, Yu said every single plant planted was documented, from the 667 Norfolk pines to the 27,533 tea-leaf shrubs and the 18 hopea trees. The meticulous record allowed for good maintenance.

In-house landscaper Leslie Lim said his unit created a simplified maintenance manual based on local site conditions.

“There is no way to plant and maintain gardens of this size and complexity without taking a systematic approach. What we are doing here is really creating and maintaining a township within a park,” Lim said.

Lim said he was particularly proud of the linear parks between houses and also the La Promenade lake, which incorporates a bio-filter that enables it to draw clean water directly from the Sarawak River, incorporating the surrounding natural habitat into the development.

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